Indoor Archery Sports For Birthday Parties

Have You Tried Archery Tag?


Combat Archery is an awesome recreational game that hasn’t received a lot of attention yet, but it feels like that is something that is going to change. Also sometimes referred to as “Archery Tag,” based on the company that makes the gear and invented the game, combat archery might have a small fan base currently but that fan base is growing rapidly – and it’s not hard to see why.

Created in 2011 by John Jackson in the state of Indiana, the increasing popularity of “combat sports,” the fun design of the game, and the popularity of the Hunger Game series helped this game spread like wild fire going from one original location in Indiana and spreading to over 150 worldwide.

If you love direct competition and active exercise, this is a heck of a combination that you need to check out for yourself.

Just What Is Combat Archery?
Marketed as “The original combat archery sport,” this is hard to argue with the description. While paintball and air soft guns have been around for decades, it’s a bit surprising it took this long to get an especially good archery version one going. However combat archery has managed to become just that. Combining common features of common games like dodge ball and paintball, but using arrows instead of paintball guns, the team game aspect is a big winner.

Rules & Game Play Basics
This is generally a 5 vs 5 team game, starting with a direct take from dodge ball. Each team starts at the end of their territory and at the opening whistle sprints for the middle “safe zone” where six bows and their arrows are. Each person grabs their weapon, can’t shoot or be shot in the safe zone, then back up to their sides.

If playing tournament, a hit player can continue to play, but the other team gets a point. If this is an elimination game, all hit players must immediately leave the field. Elimination rules also add another dodge ball element: catching an arrow or knocking a circle out of the opponent’s target brings an eliminated player back into the game.

There are multiple ways to score points. Hitting an opponent in the body is one point. The name of the game is combat archery, after all! However there are several ways to score points and this really ramps up the strategy in team play.

Points are achieved by:
– 1 pt for hitting opponent
– 2 pts for knocking spot out of opponent’s target
– 2 pts for catching an opponent’s arrow

Is Combat Archery Safe Mostly For Kids?

Absolutely! No one is allowed into the game without their mask and proper safety gear and the refs must be listened to at all times. They can pause or stop a game at any time because of rule breakers, and have the authority to boot repeat offenders at any location.

The bows are specifically designed to have less than 30 lbs of draw. In layman’s terms, they have enough to shoot a foam arrow with decent velocity, but not enough to do any damage of any kind, especially with safety gear on. A medieval themed archery is one of the most popular for kids when playing indoor because of being large and can accomodate large groups for especially for any type of parties. These are specially designed for this game and to help make it safe as possible.

Equipment used includes:
– Specially designed bows
– Non-lethal foam tipped arrows
– Protective facemasks and/or helmets

Where Can You Play?
There are over 200 locations worldwide and counting with most in the United States but rapidly spreading in Europe, Asia, and even Canada. An online search will help you find out where’s the best for kids birthday party edmonton.

Are You Ready?
The only question left isn’t whether this game is safe or fun – both are definitely true, but are you ready for some real competitive fun!